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Prom night ch. 2 (lemon ending)

I walked down the stairs in my handmade silver one shoulder strap purple full-length dress. One of my hands was on the rail while the other was holding a bit of the dress so that I wouldn’t trip over it with my silver inch high heels. My Austrian brother had to close the German’s mouth because it had dropped in surprise of me being in a dress. I finally made it down the stairs.

“You look lovely Alex.” He said blushing a little.

“Thank you. You look pretty sharp yourself.” I replied.

“Alright, you two I need at least a few photos for our parents. They want to know how well their daughter dressed up for the occasion.” Roderich said pulling out a camera.

“But we’re not the couple. We’re not going together.” I said to him.

“Oh, mom and dad still want a shot of you it doesn’t matter if Ludwig is your date or not.”

“It’s okay, Alex I don’t mind besides I’m certain that this will not be only photo of us.” What did he mean by that? Anyway, I stood next to him with some space between us.

“Come on at least act like you like each other.” The Austrian fixed our positions to where I was in the crook of Ludwig’s arm and my right hand was holding his. My brother took a couple of photos and we were on our way. We picked up the other two and went to the venue. Alfred got out first to open door for us like a gentleman. All four of us walked in. We got our photos taken and the photographer wanted us to switch partners just to mix it up a bit. Alfred immediately took me on out to the dance floor. After about an hour, I wanted to sit down and Alfred wanted to talk to some of his friends. That was when Ludwig came on over to me with some bottled water. Because who wants to trust the Francis while serving punch on prom night. I’ve also taken notice that Alice has been keeping her emerald eyes on Alfred all night and vice versa.

“Something tells me we ended up with the wrong dates.” I said to him as I drank the water gratefully.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because I know that Alfred likes Alice.”

“Well Alice likes Alfred. We only decided to come here as friends. More or less she just wanted me to escort her here.”

“How come you didn’t tell me?”

“How come you didn’t tell me that you were going out with Alfred if he liked Alice?”

“I was tutoring him in English. When I said that I meant that we were studying.”

“Oh don’t I feel like an idiot now.”

“Don’t beat yourself up for it because it’s the same with me and Alfred. We wanted to come here as friends as well.” Suddenly they both came up to us and wanted to tell us that they wanted to switch dates with each other.

“Okay, go have fun.” I said to them.

“You’re sure that you’re okay with it?” Alice asked clinging to Alfred’s arm affectionately.

“Yes, it’s alright.” They left to go onto the dance floor as the music changed to a slower tempo. Now that left me with Ludwig alone. He stepped out in front of me offered his hand.

“Would you like to dance with me?” His voice rung into my ears as I placed my hand into his, he took me on out to the dance floor.

“Sure.” I replied. The song “I wouldn’t be a man” by Josh turner was being played through the speakers. My left arm on his right as his left was around my waist and my right was on his shoulder. He twirled me around and kept on beat with the tempo, but I was more focused on his shimmering blue eyes rather than the music. I broke free from his hold and wrapped my arms around his neck. The feeling I had was warm and fluttery like it felt right to be in the arms of the German. He held me close to him. The song soon ended and he led me outside into the courtyard for some fresh air. We sat down at the bench in the grassy area.

“So, are you enjoying yourself tonight?” He asked staring at his shoes.

“No, not a bit.” He sharply turned his head toward me to make a funny face at him. “Yes I’m having a great time.”

“Even if our dates ditched us.”

“Yes, because now we can be each other’s date.” I blurted out without realizing what was coming out of my mouth.


“No, it’s nothing.” I said trying to cover my face from the blush that crept to my cheeks. He slowly wrapped his large hand around mine. I faced towards him.

“Alex, are you happy with the state of our relationship?” My violet eyes met with his cerulean blue orbs.

“No, it hurt when I found out that you were taking Alice to the prom, but when you told me that you two came here as friends. You can only imagine how relieved I was.”

“Somehow I can empathize with you. It was the same for me only it was with you and Alfred.” We both laughed at each other’s predicament. Once we had stopped. Ludwig did something that was both sweet and surprising. Okay mostly surprising, he kissed me. When our lips broke apart, our eyes met with one another once more, and he kissed me again a bit more lovingly this time.

“Alex, ich liebe dich.” Those words rattled my brain then realizing that he actually said them so I replied with words of a sweetened mouth and a fluttery heart.

“Ich leibe dich auch, Ludwig.” He drew me closer to another kiss a little bit more heated this time.

“Do you want to finish this at my house?” His voice rung in my ear like music.

“Ja.” I replied. We got into the limo and told the driver to go back to Ludwig’s. Along with going back to wait for Alfred and Alice. Ludwig picked me up into a bridal carry and took me into his room. My fingers made quick work of his purple vest and white tie as he placed me on the bed. One of his hands gently raked my slim body as the other unzipped my dress.

“You looked lovely in that dress. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.” The dress fell to the floor, as did his white collared shirt. He took a few seconds to get his dress slacks to the floor before he straddled me at my hips. His lips kissed my neck as my hands raked his chiseled chest. Soon enough the undergarments disappeared. “You ready?” He asked softer than his normal tone.

“Ja, just be gentle.” His tip gained entry inside of me. I gasped a little at the slight pain it emitted along with a bit of pleasure as I adjusted to his size. He continued once I got adjusted to his member. My fingers clawed his back as he kept breaking through my virgin walls. Soon his member found my sweet spot. “Ja, right there…harder Ludwig.” I screamed. He kept at it. “Ah…I’m about…to”

“Then do…it libeling…” I released as I felt him release as well. He slowly pulled back to lie down next to me. “Ich liebe dich.”

“Ich liebe dich auch.” I replied as we fell into slumber in each other’s arms.
this is part two of the story prom night. so, anyway if anyone could figure out that Alice was fem!england then yay you won brownie points. if not then don't worry about it. so, i hope that the oc in the story was portrayed correctly.

prom dress: [link]
NAMIHATAKE6 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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